About Us

TechREACTION.net is a new kind of tech site, brought you to by technology enthusiasts just like yourself.  The idea behind TechREACTION was to create a casual blogging atmosphere where top technology enthusiasts from around the world could gather to share their knowledge and adventures.  On the front page, you are able to see this concept in action through each “cube” of content that is listed there.  Think of the cubes as a window into the world of that blogger.  Read about his techniques, his opinions, and marvel at his skills as he shows you what that technology is really capable of!

The community that is TechREACTION is designed to bring together all different kinds of people with different styles and skill sets.  The community is open to anyone who possesses the minimum necessary requirements and is interested in contributing, so by all means, please contact us if you are interested in signing up to blog!

On behalf of the entire TechREACTION staff and community, welcome!  We hope you enjoy your stay.