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Thread: Please Guide me

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    Please Guide me

    What questions should you ask when buying a used car and what physical things should you look for on the car?

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    Its a though one. But here is some stuff I took from the top of my head...

    - Mileage
    - Parts that needs replacement. Have it been done in a while? (breakes, filters, tires etc. The cost will add up quickly)
    - Everything seems to be in order in the service book?
    - All windows are undamaged? (expensive stuff)
    - Does the AC work like it should?
    - Test all buttons etc
    - How does it sound?
    - Take it for a test drive and floor it on a safe road. Everything feel and sound ok?
    - Does it go straight ahead if you let the steering wheel go?
    - Warranty?

    And ofc stuff like stereo, speakers etc. which can be nice to have in order. Can get real costly if the car got a "brand specific" stereo. (as in you cant slap a standard unit in it without modification)
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    ask for a carfax report

    make sure you are buying from a reputable dealer and not some side of the road jockey. I know lots of tricks those guys use and you will not be happy in a few months
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    If you can afford or know of a mechanic that you can take the car and get it looked over that would be the ideal situation.
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    Not only should you check the AC (which can be so expensive a repair that many people let it go) but you should also check the heater. Heater cores can also get leaks the same as radiators. And it is a trivial bit of plumbing to simply bypass the heater core completely. Even in today's weather, it only takes a few minutes to verify that you can heat the interior. If it has been bypassed, you will want to know before winter hits. Also, if your car overheats in high summer weather, the heater core can, while unpleasant, be just what you need to get to a service station.
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    if you cant get a carfax, and they claim the car was never in a wreck, check to make sure all gaps between body panels are the same throughout. example, is the gap between the driver door and front fender the same width at the top of the fender and the bottom of the fender. also check to make sure the headlights are properly aligned with the car (not the beam of light, but the actual mounting). i bought a used car from the original owner and he said it was never in a wreck. the next day i noticed some gaps wrong, and the hood wasnt even closing properly.
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