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This is a discussion on Posting guidlines and general forum rules within the Site Feedback & Support forums, part of the TechREACTION category; OUR PLATINUM RULE : For regular flamers or white hot flames at any time it may be necessary to use a suspension or ban hammer. ...

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    Question Posting guidlines and general forum rules

    OUR PLATINUM RULE: For regular flamers or white hot flames at any time it may be necessary to use a suspension or ban hammer. So guys/gals: No massive fire's it is not necessary, but it does happen and all flames will be looked at as to find the provocation and resolution sought before suspension or ban hammer is invoked it will take all of us to keep control please report.
    SEE: 14

    Thanks to:TehGh0st and Neuromancer

    The Demandments are as follows:

    1. Language and words: PG words at most as to language I also feel that R-X content/subject matter should be avoided as to not alienate some who might want to join our community.

    language (the way I am referring to it) a phrase although not containing the words does contain enough to be considered vulgar. This is a matter of perception so why push it?

    2. Topics: Hot topics are great, controversial topics are better. Where do we draw the line?

    There will be no posting of derogatory terms or phrase directed at and meant to discriminate against any Political view, Race, Religion, Class, Sex/Gender Orientation, intelligence, or lifestyle. This applies to all members of techREACTION .net and multiple violations of this term will result in a permanent ban from the forums.

    If a topic becomes to hot for the general forum but is yielding useful information it may be moved to a new topic in a moderated group setting. We don't want great contributions to go down the toilet.

    Thanks to: SNiiPE_DoGG

    Politics: Should be discussed with respect to all legitimate views any seriously radical\terrorist types of posts should be reported immediately and a ban will be imposed. As there are laws we may be forced to report some activities to the authorities as will not be held liable for such actions.
    Race: Comments on race and discrimination are allowed as long as they are related to the topic directly or indirectly. Abuse may result in a warning, suspension or ban. Please report abuse.
    Religion: A hot topic always, please be respectful to others. On this topic members will be granted a wide berth but make no mistake all other rules apply and will be enforced.
    Class: The class separation is ever changing please realize that sometimes one can not guide his/her future, beating someone down due to what they have (monetary/property) will not be tolerated
    Sexual/Gender Orientation: Almost too hot of a topic to approach I suggest leaving it alone. Choose your words wisely and post at your own risk. Flagrant abuse of people on this subject need be reported. Immediate action will be taken by administration.

    3. Content: A nod of agreement is great but adding a view is even better why not instead of +1 or , , add a comment also as to why you feel this way.

    4. Posting with facts: Please do not post unsubstantiated fact or opinions without backup. If you cant back it up let it go as to not cause a flame out. If another member disagrees with you and you have presented facts and it starts getting heated back off and report it.

    Thanks to:SNiiPE_DoGG

    5. Censorship: All subject's related to any forum category will be permissible and the thread will be allowed to run it's course. Censorship is bad so please if you feel strongly about something try and word it as politely as possible while still getting your point across. Personal and general attacks on race, gender, religion, national origin or anything else I can think of later (make suggestions) are not advisable and may get you suspended or banned.

    Thanks to:Neuromancer

    6. Baiting/trolling: If a member is constantly instigating, baiting or trolling and is reported, a warning will be issued if deemed necessary. If the member is reported again within a predetermined amount of time (depending on the severity) a harsh warning, suspension or ban may be issued.

    Thanks to:TehGh0st and Neuromancer

    7. Use the For Sale section at your OWN risk!: is in no way responsible for any scams or cons that occur in the FS section of our forum - incidents may be reported but we retain no legal liability or responsibility of monetary debt resulting from aforementioned occurrences.

    Thanks to:SNiiPE_DoGG

    8. Private Messages (PMs) must ALWAYS remain private: Any user found posting a private message on the public forums will be warned or may be subject to a temporary ban depending on the severity of the violation.

    Thanks to:SNiiPE_DoGG

    9. Plagiarism: Anything posted by another user or other source ie. Author or other possibly copyrighted material and the like then re-posted must be properly sited and referenced (links and quote tags) anyone caught posting others intellectual property (thoughts/ideas/words) without proper citation will be subject to an immediate ban from techReaction Forums. The fact that some phrases and generally accepted facts come into play are considered and are NOT considered plagiarism.

    Thanks to:SNiiPE_DoGG and Neuromancer

    10. Posts containing illegal subject matter: No discussion of warez, links to sites promoting the illegal use or distribution of copyrighted materials or any other illegal material . No discussion of illicit drugs. This is not acceptable behavior and may put the forum owners at risk first offense suspension pending permanent ban.

    Reference to drugs in a post ie. I need a joint and the like is an off the cuff comment and not (read NOT) considered discussion, moreover the how to's, where to acquire, promotion of and discussion of production methods are strictly forbidden.

    NOTE:If it is a news article or legitimate topic only warnings will be issued to keep it under control if the above mentioned rules are abused after the warning the thread will be closed and removed as to prevent a ban. Linking to or discussion of warez, is not allowed to prevent legal recourse against and its members. However, acknowledgment of said activity must be considered and discussion about it can not be eliminated. Programs that bypass DVD protection can be discussed as they are commercially available.

    Thanks to: randomizer and Neuromancer

    11. Mod Edits: We reserve the right to make changes any thread or post on these forums for any violation of The Demandments. These forums exist for the sharing of knowledge and experience and exceptional posts/threads may be incorporated into 'sticky' threads. We may also make changes any signature (spam in sig) or avatar (inappropriate) if there is good cause (the member will be notified prior to any changes if possible).

    12. Try to stay on topic. I know it does not happen often and I never do it (looks up for storm clouds) but if it starts getting too far off topic help bring it back home.

    13. Groups:
    A. Private groups will be self moderated. That basically means that if it is not a flagrant violation of the law or intentional abuse then it should stay in your group area. As stated these groups are private and can only be seen by group members and Admin/Moderators. Feel free to bring up dangerous topics that you would not in the general forum.
    B. Moderated groups are open for everyone to join but messages need to be moderated before they will appear. They are moderated by the group creator and the site moderators and administrators
    C. Although not in the general forum it is still viewable by the non group members. More leeway is granted as the members in these groups are usually there for a reason (common interest and the like) but the rules still must apply although more loosely, these areas will not be moderated unless by request or report.

    14. FLAME CHAMBER: When two or more are flaming and they are having a legitimate disagreement that can bear fruit they may be offered the chance to go to flamers anonymous a private and moderated group session. Senior/level headed members as well as Admin/Moderator may be asked to help with the moderation process.

    Thank you to Neuromancer for the idea

    15. Derogatory comments toward those who are not here to defend themselves: We all have times when we feel that we must speak out and this is not a problem as long as it stays generic. If you must lash out at an individual or group of individuals please use private messages or private groups to do so. Though we do not believe in censorship we must consider the repercussions of what is said in the open forum and therefore please keep the personal bashing of those outside of the forum to a minimum.

    There are cases when something is brought up in the discussion section that this does not apply but in the other forum areas please try to keep it under control. If it looks like it will move too far out the staff of tR will help move it back.
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