Bill Kircos, Intelís Director of Product & Technology PR, just posted a blog on Intelís site entitled ďAn Update on our Graphics-Related ProgramsĒ. In the blog Bill addresses future plans for what he calls Intelís three visual computing efforts:
The first is the aforementioned processor graphics. Second, for our smaller Intel Atom processor and System on Chip efforts, and third, a many-core, programmable Intel architecture and first product both of which we referred to as Larrabee for graphics and other workloads.
Thereís a ton of information in the vague but deliberately worded blog post, including a clear stance on Larrabee as a discrete GPU: We will not bring a discrete graphics product to market, at least in the short-term. Kircos goes on to say that Intel will increase funding for integrated graphics, as well as pursue Larrabee based HPC opportunities. Effectively validating both AMD and NVIDIAís strategies. As different as Larrabee appeared when it first arrived, Intel appears to be going with the flow after todayís announcement.
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