The controversy surrounding OCZs lack of inclusion of the Revo 3x2 240GB SSD in its product specifications is about to come to an end. The SSD Review has just received word from Jessica Luken, Global Marketing Director of OCZ, that the Revo 3x2 240GB version is prepping for release and has a product code of RVD3X2-FHPX4-240G - 84202402723. Can you say 200,000 IOPS for under $700? Most likely the result of our Revo 3x2 review title, "1.5GB/s Read 1.25GB/s Write As Little As $699", The SSD Review was flooded with e-mails asking for confirmation after OCZ initially posted Revo 3x2 information, listing only 480 and 960GB configurations of the Revo 3x2. Results of our queries at that time resulted in the quote "Down The Road" and threads flooded the internet with the theme, 'What happened to the Revo 3x2 240GB?'