[quote]"If you are anything like us, when Ubisoft announced that Ezio would return in Brotherhood we cynically felt it was a bit of a cash-in on the massively popular AC2. But we were wrong and Brotherhood remains one of the best games released in 2010. So you can imagine our mixed reactions when Ubisoft announced a third game in the Ezio series. Revelations returns us to Europe in the middle ages and to Ezio again, but unfortunately for Ubisoft, perhaps a third game was one too many.

Revelations picks up after Brotherhood ended. Ezio has travelled to the crossroads of the world, Istanbul/Constantinople in order to try and track down the discs that a certain other Assassin has left him to find in the battle against the Templars. And that really is all there is to it. Unlike the other AC games where there has been strong branching storylines, this one entirely focuses on the recovery of those discs, however there is a few new game features which whilst add a few more features to the box and game, don' feel like it necessarily improves the game."