Saw this earlier in the week.

Overall, it was a decent movie. It had some very good lines that will for sure make you laugh. If you do end up seeing it ... just wait for the 'mind "F"' convo because I think it was one of the better segments in the movie Russel Brand does his best to bring the movie along. It just felt like if you have seen him in one movie you have seen him in all his movies. He seems like adam sandler in his early days before he got more depth to his acting talent. Jonah Hill does a good job and together these two put on a good performance. Puff Daddy (or whatever the hell he goes by these days) was actually pretty good in it. He had some great lines and didn't seem like he had to force anything, which was surprising.

However, toward the end get him to the greek sort of turned into get me the hell out of here. It goes from laughs and a good time to a serious dark drama with no laughs. Then it just seemed to drag on and I felt like the movie should end any time and it never did. I just think it is too soon in these actors careers to be able to handle the depth of this type of movie. Maybe just the way it was scripted? I don't know ...

I would have to say ...It is worth a watch because of a few hilarious lines in it. Although, is it worth a watch in the theaters? I would have to say only if you have seen the other big movies that are out now. Otherwise, I would wait for it and rent it.