How to Start a Pay Per Click Campaign?

No matter if you’re building a real estate website or if your business site is part of any other industry: in terms of marketing a business, there are plenty of options available these days. Even when some of these options like SEO are an investment, they’re still affordable. However, a survey in 2013 revealed that most business owners chose to start a PPC campaign instead.

If now you wonder, “What is PPC? How can it help my company grow?” or “What is a PPC campaign?” we’re here to help you. A pay per click campaign is a marketing strategy that will provide your business with leads, customers, and traffic to your real estate website or any other business, almost immediately.

Nevertheless, a PPC strategy is complex and requires careful planning. Continue reading to find a guide on how to start a pay per click campaign.

Customer Research

You don’t know how to start a pay per click campaign? Don’t worry, what really matters is that you know that you need internet marketing in the first place, and you can find some guidance here. To get started, you need to find out what your customers are looking for, what they want, and how they search for it. Although you could choose some keywords and try to get the ball rolling, if your potential customers don’t search for your product using the words you chose, your campaign will not work.

Therefore, your keywords should include everything you think your customers could use to find your product, especially your branded keywords.

Use Keyword Tools

Make sure to use keyword tools that help you validate the keywords you’ve used by showing you trends, cost per click, and competitive data, as well as suggestions on the most effective keywords to improve your strategy. You can customize your target, so be sure to choose the right location: city, state, region, country, or global. Consider that those keywords with high competition tend to have a higher cost per click than those with low competition. Furthermore, keep in mind that even when some words show poor search volume you can use them in new phrases or the tool can suggest another variation that provides you with better results.

Organize Your PPC Keywords

Perhaps you are looking into a pool building marketing company to help you with running a PPC campaign, or you can be in charge of your pay per click campaign management now that you know how to start a pay per click campaign.

The next step is to organize your keywords into groups, as it’ll be easier to measure their performance and create more relevant and specific ads for each group if they’re organized and related. While selecting and grouping your them, consider that keywords may vary depending on whether they’re informational or transactional

Negative Keywords

Look out for those keywords that may seem attractive based on cost per click, competition, and search volume, but are less likely to apply to your target audience once they land on the product website. Make sure not to weaken your ad’s quality score to avoid a negative impact on your ad placement and cost per click. In order to prevent your ad from displaying if those keywords are used, flag all the words that could attract the wrong audience.

Set a Budget

It’s important to know what you can afford, as the average cost per click varies from one industry to another. To set your budget, it’s necessary to have a max cost per click in mind for any given keyword to avoid overspending, which is determined by the amount of profit you make from each customer, your conversion rates, and your estimated profit margins from advertising. Therefore, you’ll need to multiply your profit by your profit margin and then by the website conversion rate. To make your campaign profitable, you need to improve conversions or increase the profit made per your average customer.

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