Real Estate Landing Page: 3 Amazing Tips to Convert

A lot of people like to browse through properties that are available online. This is especially true if they are considering moving house in the months ahead, but it is also done by investors in real estate and those who have a passion for the industry. However, the majority of viewers are sellers and buyers. They will be looking for properties that match their interests and requirements, and that’s where you come in. You can take an interactive approach with your landing page that enables them to feel valued and appreciated, whilst also encouraging them to do business with you.

This starts with appealing to a wider range of potential customers than you were before. If you would like your real estate business to attract more visitors than your competition, there are lots of things that you can do. In this article, we will discuss landing pages, which is one of the most important areas to pay attention to.

No matter what you’re using a real estate website for, visitors will arrive on a landing page of some kind. It will determine whether they click through to other parts of the website, or seek out one of your competitors. Most of the time, landing pages are not doing as well as they could be.

There are several reasons for this, but that’s beyond the scope of this article. Our intentions here are to give you some actionable tips you can use to improve your current landing page. We’ve narrowed it down to just three so that you can take immediate action. The main focus of this advice is to ensure that your landing page is compelling, smooth, and memorable. That will yield the best results for you and your business.

1 – Write Honestly and Simply

In the real estate industry, people will use your services based on how much they trust you. It takes time and effort to build trust, and it’s not easy when there is a lot of competition and a lot of money needs to be spent by the customer. Nobody wants to be scammed, and that has created a lot of skepticism.
Overcoming that can be tough, but one way to make it easier is to write truthfully and captivate the reader at the same time. This needn’t be difficult. Some of the things you can do include: not distorting the evidence, not publishing lies, and being clear in your writing style. You should also include everything upfront, such as the fees that you charge for your services, and how long it will take you to respond to emails and messages. And make sure your site is up to speed.
Adding all of the important information provides reassurance for the reader. If you’re giving them everything they need to know, then there’s no need for them to be suspicious about anything. Any relevant considerations should be addressed inside the landing page and not left for the reader to guess. Any pictures that you use should be suitable but give an honest impression of the property.
Furthermore, any complicated vocabulary could cause confusion, which may put off the reader and make them close the page. The way to avoid this is to keep your text simple. That means presenting the information in a way that’s like a conversation. Friendly, but not informal.

2 – Include Automatic Videos

Videos are one of the best ways to capture attention these days. It’s no surprise that people spend so much time on Netflix and YouTube. Watching videos is a massive part of our lives. It’s the same in real estate. There is also a lot of evidence that videos work in terms of converting prospects into buyers.
A great place to put a video is at the start of the landing page before the reader starts reading. That allows a bond of trust to be built before they get into the details. It could be a brief overview of you and your business, a guided tour of a listing, or something else you feel is appropriate. The goal is to give the landing page visitor a reason to keep browsing and find out more about what you do.
You can even set up the video so that it plays behind text on the screen. You will want to use less text if you do this, but it’s a quick and simple way to add a professional feel to your website. Make sure to promote your landing page through social media as well.

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3 – Make It Personal

When reading the landing page, it is no good if it comes across as impersonal. It needs to feel like the reader is in a conversation. That means asking questions, calling out the concerns of the buyer and addressing them, and making them feel confident that you have the answers to their problems. If you’re not doing this, then the reader will know and they will leave the page to find someone else.
To make this change to your landing page, you can gather opinions upfront by asking whether the reader wants to rent or buy, what type of house they’re looking for, and whether there are any particular areas they want to focus on. Once the questions have been answered, you might want to add a method for them to get in touch with you, so that they can add more information.
This makes the reader feel like you’re taking a genuine interest in their needs and helping to solve them. Mis Webdesign can help you with your web design and internet marketing to optimize your landing page that relates to your audience.

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