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Carpet Cleaning Websites

Carpet Cleaning Websites that Rank too!

When we went looking for the top carpet cleaning websites, we looked at UX (User Experience), speed, mobile friendliness, other factors and most importantly, if the website ranked for search terms like: 'carpet cleaning [city]', 'carpet cleaners [city], 'carpet cleaning near me', 'pet stain removal', 'stain removal', 'upholstery cleaning', 'water damage', 'carpet cleaning company', 'wine stain cleaner', 'carpet repair' and 'soiled carpet cleaner'.

Over 200,000 carpet cleaners need a great looking website.
87% of  customers will judge a carpet cleaner by their website.
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Why Do You Need a Great Carpet Cleaning Website?

An amazing website can provide carpet cleaning businesses with the necessary boost to stand out from their competition and make the most of their success. According to Pew Research, 80% of those who have a website for their business reported that it helped them attract new customers, leading to increased growth. Below, we list our top websites in the carpet cleaning industry.

List of the best Carpet Cleaner Websites (In order)

DYW Carpet Cleaning

The vibrant blue and green of the DYW Carpet Cleaners website create an eye-catching aesthetic that captures viewers' attention. With fewer menus to navigate, concise paragraphs and a locations page, this site makes it easy for readers to quickly find what they need while still being visually captivating. We absolutely love it!

Prestige Carpet Cleaners

Prestige Carpet Cleaners in Tallahassee offers a warm and inviting website design featuring an attractive layout with easy-to-navigate sections, as well as glowing reviews. The family-oriented banner picture will draw you in to explore the comprehensive information available on their site.

Absolute Carpet Cleaning

The Absolute Carpet Cleaning Austin website proves that you can get more out of less – it provides a range of detailed information without being overwhelming. Every page is organized and structured, making navigating the site simple to do.

Coit Cleaning & Restoration

Coit carpet cleaning is your go-to source for revitalizing carpets! Their specialized hot water extraction process penetrates deep into the fibers to remove dust, dirt and even stubborn stains. You'll get pristinely clean carpets at competitive prices - it's no wonder why so many people choose this leading brand!

Green Choice Carpet

Green Choice Carpet has something for everyone. With a variety of cleaning services to choose from, you can pick the one that best fits your budget and needs! From basic steam extraction starting at $29 per room, all the way up to heavy-duty treatments costing approximately $65 - they offer competitive prices without sacrificing quality results.

Stanley Steemer

Stanley Steemer offers a comprehensive carpet cleaning service with proven results – their hot water extraction method removes an astonishing 94% of the most common household allergens. Though this reliable process can take up to 24 hours for carpets to be completely dry, you and your family will enjoy improved air quality in no time!


With Chem-Dry's revolutionary extraction process, carpets dry in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. Featuring 80% less water than steam cleaning and tiny bubbles that break up dirt and allergens for easy suctioning, you can get your carpet cleaned one day and host an event on it later! Not only is this environmentally friendly method highly efficient, but also ideal when colorfastness may be a concern due to its minimal use of liquids.

Oxi-Fresh Carpet Cleaning

An eco-friendly option for carpet cleaning is a great way to maintain your family's health, as well as the environment. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning provides an affordable answer: their primary formula has earned recognition from the EPA’s Safer Choice label – so you can have peace of mind that no harsh chemicals or potential irritants are being used in and around your home while keeping carpets fresh and clean!

USA Clean Master

USA Clean Master provides an unbeatable carpet care service, as well as a special pet package designed to tackle any accidents your beloved four-legged friend may have left behind! Utilizing advanced enzyme cleaning technology, the team can efficiently dissolve and remove even the toughest stains. Whether it's urine marks or vomit splatters - whatever messes you need taken care of - they'll be able to give you an accurate quote once they've inspected the situation in person.


When disaster strikes, SERVPRO is here to help! They offer 24-hour emergency services with a range of carpet cleaning options. Whether you’re dealing with water damage or severe dust and dirt buildup, the experts can provide an effective solution that fits your budget. For more information about their pricing structure – which varies depending on square footage, type of debris (or lack thereof), and method required — contact your local SERVPRO office today!

Carpet Cleaner Web Designs - ROI Focused

Building a successful carpet cleaning website requires much more than just a great design, it requires a strategy that is laser focused on achieving outcomes. This list of carpet cleaning companies are focused on identifying the primary ways their visitors will be using the site- giving them a competitive edge.

Websites for Carpet Cleaners - Setting the Bar

Great websites for carpet cleaners have many components that go into building a highly-effective company website. The carpet cleaner websites here have been vetted to use best practices and are known to set the bar in many of those areas.

Websites built for speed

Make sure your carpet cleaning website performs well on desktop and mobile to increase conversion rates. Use various techniques, such as compression or caching for fast page speeds so you can keep customers happy with their purchase!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When SEO is done correctly, your site will get a major boost in rankings. Follow these SEO tips for carpet cleaners to get a good foundation. In addition, properly map out the pages of your website, organize how they flow together to create a smooth reading experience for visitors. Also make sure to add schema markup, search engines love markup!


We don't rely on 3rd party themes or heavy use of plugins to make our carpet cleaner website. Build them from scratch, ensuring they are lightweight, efficient and not heavily bogged down by the need of other resources to perform!

Secure and Protect

The safety of your information should be a top priority. Use firewalls, health monitors and SSL for the security of all data on your carpet cleaners site so it can never be compromised in a breach or hack!


Having a professional carpet cleaning website is a must if you want a long lasting. Oh, and if you need more website examples, check out these websites in the carpet cleaning industry that rock too.

Need some software to help run your carpet cleaning business? Check out this list of the top software for carpet cleaning companies available.

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