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Demolition Websites that Rank too!

When we went looking for the top demolition websites, we looked at UX (User Experience), speed, mobile friendliness, other factors and most importantly, if the website ranked for search terms like: 'demolition [city]', 'demolitionists [city], 'demolition near me', 'site preparation', 'building demolition', 'concrete cutting and removal', 'hazardous material removal', 'debris removal and hauling', 'recycling and salvage', 'site cleanup' and 'consultation and planning'.

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Why Do You Need a Great Demolition Website?

An amazing website can provide demolition businesses with the necessary boost to stand out from their competition and make the most of their success. According to Pew Research, 80% of those who have a website for their business reported that it helped them attract new customers, leading to increased growth. Below, we list our top websites in the demolition industry.

List of the best Demolitionist Websites (In order)


NorthStar is an innovative company offering cutting-edge solutions and services in the fields of energy storage, power systems, and advanced batteries. Their website provides extensive information on their products that are designed to withstand demanding environments while delivering superior performance. They offer integrated energy storage systems along with hybrid power sources customized for a range of applications such as telecommunications, renewable energy form factors, or uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units - giving customers unprecedented control over how they use electricity!


Brandenburg is a top-tier company providing innovative services since 1967. From dismantling industrial equipment to hazardous material removal and disposal, they have excelled in their field across multiple industries such as manufacturing, power generation, chemical production all while using state-of-the art technologies and adhering strictly to safety protocols. Their commitment has seen them earn the trust of clients around the world ensuring successful project completion every time.


For over 60 years, Penhall has been the leading provider of safety first services to clients across numerous industries. Their cutting and coring solutions ensure precise control when removing concrete from a variety of locations. Additionally, their advanced scanning technology gives unprecedented visibility into structures like never before detecting hard to find objects such as embedded rebar and post tension cables with incredible accuracy. At Penhall they are dedicated to maintaining excellence in all aspects of operations while putting crewmember safety at the core!

D.H. Griffin Companies

For over sixty years, D.H. Griffin Companies has provided innovative industrial services to their customers in the United States and beyond. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and equipment for demolition of buildings, environmental remediation projects, recycling materials such as scrap metal or concrete all with uncompromised attention to safety protocols they have become one of the most trusted names in this industry sector today. As if that weren’t enough already; even more value is gained through asset recovery/repurposing solutions which can be used by clients depending on their needs!

JDC Demolition Company

JDC Demolition Company Inc., with roots dating back to the trusted namesake of J.Derenzo over 65 years ago, is rapidly becoming one of New England's premier firms for demolition and hazardous waste removal services. Boasting a fleet strength greater than 1000 pieces strong, this family run business has long been supported by Chris Berardi’s outstanding reputation in creating successful relationships with some of East Coast's leading contractors, developers and property owners alike. Established in 2012, JDC offers an industry-leading range of services; from site preparation to soil remediation - no job too big or small!

Independence Excavating

Independence Excavating has been a reliable nationwide leader in challenging and complex construction projects since 1972. Our experienced staff of professionals have the skills, knowledge, resources and expertise to tackle any excavation project with precision and quality results that exceed expectations. Whether you’re undertaking large-scale infrastructure developments or specialized jobs on smaller lands, our crews specialize in delivering top-notch services quickly and efficiently so that your project stays within budget and is completed ahead of schedule. With Independence Excavating at the helm, you can confidently move ahead knowing the job will be done right!

Bierlein Cos. Inc.

With over 6 decades of experience, Bierlein Companies has established itself as a leader in the demolition and environmental remediation industry. Founded by Henry Bierlein back 1955, this company is rooted firmly in its Midwestern home. From building demolitions to hazardous material removal  no job is too challenging for these skilled professionals! Over the years they've been hired on projects from coast-to-coast for power generation facilities, chemical processing plants and transportation systems amongst other industries. The end result? Strong relationships with their clients that have endured sixty five years of success.

ISI Demolition

ISI Demolition has been a leader in the Southeast U.S demolition and environmental remediation industry since its founding in 1999. Their expertise extends beyond traditional services such as commercial & industrial demolitions of high-rise buildings, bridges and power plants they also offer specialized consulting on renovation projects, along with asbestos abatement, lead paint removal and mold remediation! With over two decades of experience serving clients across the region their mission is to ensure everyone’s safety throughout every job no matter what size it may be from small remodels to complex construction sites.

O’Rourke Wrecking Company

O'Rourke Wrecking Company, a premier demolition contractor founded in the heart of Chicago over 65 years ago, has become one of the region's most well-respected institutions. Offering an expansive range of services from demolishing industrial and commercial sites to environmental remediation like asbestos abatement or lead paint removal this full service team also provides expert consulting solutions for clients pursuing construction projects. With decades worth of expertise in their corner, it is no wonder that O'Rourke Wrecking continues to be such an integral part throughout many exciting development plans across the Midwest!

Demolitionist Web Designs - ROI Focused

Building a successful demolition website requires much more than just a great design, it requires a strategy that is laser focused on achieving outcomes. This list of demolition companies are focused on identifying the primary ways their visitors will be using the site- giving them a competitive edge.

Websites for Demolitionists - Setting the Bar

Great websites for demolitionists have many components that go into building a highly-effective company website. The demolitionist websites here have been vetted to use best practices and are known to set the bar in many of those areas.

Websites built for speed

Make sure your demolition website performs well on desktop and mobile to increase conversion rates. Use various techniques, such as compression or caching for fast page speeds so you can keep customers happy with their purchase!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When SEO is done correctly, your site will get a major boost in rankings. Follow these SEO tips for demolitionists to get a good foundation. In addition, properly map out the pages of your website, organize how they flow together to create a smooth reading experience for visitors. Also make sure to add schema markup, search engines love markup!


We don't rely on 3rd party themes or heavy use of plugins to make our demolitionist website. Build them from scratch, ensuring they are lightweight, efficient and not heavily bogged down by the need of other resources to perform!

Secure and Protect

The safety of your information should be a top priority. Use firewalls, health monitors and SSL for the security of all data on your demolitionists site so it can never be compromised in a breach or hack!


Having a professional demolition website is a must if you want a long lasting. Oh, and if you need more website examples, check out these websites in the demolition industry that rock too.

Need some software to help run your demolition business? Check out this list of the top software for demolition companies available.

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