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Private Investigation Websites that Rank too!

When we went looking for the top private investigation websites, we looked at UX (User Experience), speed, mobile friendliness, other factors and most importantly, if the website ranked for search terms like: 'private investigation [city]', 'private-investigators [city], 'private investigation near me', 'infidelity/cheating spouse investigations', 'child custody investigations', 'background checks', 'missing persons investigations', 'fraud investigations', 'surveillance', 'asset searches' and 'computer forensics'.

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Why Do You Need a Great Private Investigation Website?

An amazing website can provide private investigation businesses with the necessary boost to stand out from their competition and make the most of their success. According to Pew Research, 80% of those who have a website for their business reported that it helped them attract new customers, leading to increased growth. Below, we list our top websites in the private investigation industry.

List of the best Private Investigator Websites (In order)

Foglight Investigations

Foglight Private Investigations is not your average private investigation company. Based in Houston, Texas with a top-tier website showcasing their services and expertise at, they provide clients the assurance of trustworthiness via members who have extensive experience coming from law enforcement, military backgrounds and more! From background checks to surveillance to fraud investigations - these detectives pride themselves on professionalism, confidentiality and ethical conduct. Whether you're an individual or business searching for answers amidst security risks Foglight has got you covered!

Global Threat Solutions

Global Threat Solutions (GTS) is a premier security consulting and risk management firm based in Washington D.C., USA, with decades of experience across the spectrum of professional disciplines – from law enforcement to military operations to corporate protection services. They specialize in identifying potential threats and helping clients create tailored solutions that meet their needs, including threat assessments, audits, crisis management training programs along with executive protection services for events or conferences. With an emphasis on personalization as well as expertise https://www.globalthreatsolutions

Gold Shield

Gold Shield 1811 provides a full range of security services, from executive protection to secure transportation and event security. With their team's impressive background in law enforcement, military and private work coupled with an unwavering commitment to professionalism and attention to detail - you can trust them for all your personal or organizational needs when it comes to safety. They also offer training programs so that individuals or organizations looking for enhanced knowledge regarding protecting themselves have the opportunity benefit from their high-level expertise as well! To learn more about what they do at Gold Shield 1811 visit getintouch@goldshield1811 today where you can provide contact information plus submit any queries related to hiring the more finding out relevant course descriptions & schedules.


New York Investigations is a premier private investigations and security consulting company, operating out of the bustling metropolis of New York City. Their top notch website,, features information on their wide array of services as well as insight into their extraordinary team; comprised primarily from law enforcement backgrounds to former military personnel each with decades worth of experience in investigation work! Not only that but they are also certified professionals who adhere faithfully to confidentiality and ethical conduct guidelines. Check them out today for all your investigative needs you won't be disappointed!

Sherlock investigations, INC

Sherlock Investigations is a premier Michigan based Detective Agency, specializing in insurance industry investigations for over 25 years. Our team of experienced field investigators has been handpicked from locations all around the state to serve your needs efficiently and effectively. Founder and owner Paul Dank brings more than two decades of personal experience investigating 9,500+ claims alongside his membership with high profile investigative associations including the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, ensuring you receive only top quality service every time! With both Surveillance and Information gathering divisions ready to assist at any given moments’ notice; why go anywhere else?

John Cutter Investigations

John Cutter Investigations (JCI), a private investigation and security consulting firm located in New York City, are experts in providing confidential services to all their clients. Their website showcases testimonials from customers who have experienced the superior level of service they offer - agile surveillance, comprehensive background checks, diligent due diligence investigations and leading edge cyber investigations. With decades of experience ranging from law enforcement agencies to the military forces to conducting thorough private investigating work one can trust that JCI is dedicated not only towards efficient results but also maintain strict ethical standards while completing assignments with unwavering confidentiality policy.

North American Investigations

North America Investigations is a hub for any investigation needs – from background checks to fraud investigations. Their team of experienced professionals offer the highest level of confidentiality and ethical conduct, making them an ideal partner in keeping businesses safe through security consulting services. Trust that your business risks won't go unnoticed when choosing North America Investigations!

CPI Investigations

CPI Investigations is a powerful, trusted ally in the field of private investigation. We are licensed and bonded to provide comprehensive services for attorneys, forensic accountants, corporations - as well our everyday citizen clients  giving them access to sound advice while protecting their confidentiality with 100% discretion. With over 30 years of experience under our belt we can be found at two convenient locations: 1325 Avenue of Americas in Manhattan and One Kalisa Way in Paramus NJ (as Progressive Investigators LLC). Our commitment allows all customers access to hard-hitting evidence that empowers individuals and organizations alike so they may arm themselves against any suspicions or adversities.

Digistream Investigations

DigiStream Investigations is a premier private investigation firm located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Home to some of the most advanced and experienced digital investigators around, their website provides insight into how they employ cutting-edge technologies alongside time-tested traditional investigative methods for uncovering evidence quickly and accurately. From computer forensics to skip tracing no job is too complicated or small when it comes to helping solve your case efficiently! Make sure you visit today for more information about their services!

Private Investigator Web Designs - ROI Focused

Building a successful private investigation website requires much more than just a great design, it requires a strategy that is laser focused on achieving outcomes. This list of private investigation companies are focused on identifying the primary ways their visitors will be using the site- giving them a competitive edge.

Websites for Private Investigators - Setting the Bar

Great websites for private-investigators have many components that go into building a highly-effective company website. The private investigator websites here have been vetted to use best practices and are known to set the bar in many of those areas.

Websites built for speed

Make sure your private investigation website performs well on desktop and mobile to increase conversion rates. Use various techniques, such as compression or caching for fast page speeds so you can keep customers happy with their purchase!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When SEO is done correctly, your site will get a major boost in rankings. Follow these SEO tips for private-investigators to get a good foundation. In addition, properly map out the pages of your website, organize how they flow together to create a smooth reading experience for visitors. Also make sure to add schema markup, search engines love markup!


We don't rely on 3rd party themes or heavy use of plugins to make our private investigator website. Build them from scratch, ensuring they are lightweight, efficient and not heavily bogged down by the need of other resources to perform!

Secure and Protect

The safety of your information should be a top priority. Use firewalls, health monitors and SSL for the security of all data on your private-investigators site so it can never be compromised in a breach or hack!


Having a professional private investigation website is a must if you want a long lasting. Oh, and if you need more website examples, check out these websites in the private investigation industry that rock too.

Need some software to help run your private investigation business? Check out this list of the top software for private investigation companies available.

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