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Pest Control Websites that Rank too!

When we went looking for the top pest control websites, we looked at UX (User Experience), speed, mobile friendliness, other factors and most importantly, if the website ranked for search terms like: 'pest control [city]', 'pest control technicians [city], 'pest control near me', 'ants', 'bed bugs', 'cockroaches', 'rodents', 'termites', 'fleas', 'bees and wasps' and 'mosquitoes'.

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87% of  customers will judge a pest control technician by their website.
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Why Do You Need a Great Pest Control Website?

An amazing website can provide pest control businesses with the necessary boost to stand out from their competition and make the most of their success. According to Pew Research, 80% of those who have a website for their business reported that it helped them attract new customers, leading to increased growth. Below, we list our top websites in the pest control industry.

List of the best Pest Control Technician Websites (In order)

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Precision Pest Control

The Precision Pest Control website sets a benchmark in the industry with its clean, modern design, which not only captures the essence of their brand but also makes navigation a breeze for customers when choosing their pest control service area. The layout is intuitively structured, leading visitors seamlessly from one section to another, with clear calls-to-action that significantly boost conversion rates. Visually, the site strikes a perfect balance between professionalism and approachability, with engaging imagery and a color scheme that instills trust. Performance-wise, it's optimized for fast loading and responsiveness across all devices, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience that encourages engagement and drives conversions.


For almost one hundred years, Terminix has been helping people rid their homes and businesses of unwanted pests. As a ServiceMaster Global Holdings subsidiary with headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee USA; they offer customized solutions to tackle various critters including ants, bed bugs, cockroaches rodents - even mosquitoes! No matter the size or severity of your pest problem you can trust that Terminix will have an effective solution at hand.


Aptive is the go-to eco-friendly pest control provider that takes its responsibility to nature seriously. As a proud member of the EPA's Pesticide Environmental Stewardship, they offer year round protection with four quarterly visits by certified technicians who customize their treatment plan according to your exact needs and the infestation risk areas. Plus, for added assurance all new customers can request an online quote while existing ones have access to personalized service bills via their handy online portal - free revisits included!


J.C. Ehrlich, which is a pest control company. J.C. Ehrlich is a division of Rentokil Initial plc, which is a British-based business services company that provides pest control, hygiene services, and other services to commercial and residential customers. The J.C. Ehrlich division operates primarily in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. J.C. Ehrlich has been providing pest control services for over 90 years and has a team of experienced technicians who can provide effective and safe pest control solutions for a wide range of pests, including bed bugs, rodents, termites, ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and more. They offer customized treatment plans to fit the specific needs of each customer and their unique pest problem.

Critter Control

If you need help with animals that have decided to make their home on your property, Critter Control has got you covered. As one of the only nationwide companies offering animal removal services, this expert team can handle everything from commonly known critters like raccoons and squirrels all the way up through bobcats - no job is too big or small for them! Plus they use techniques under their Critter Safe program which ensure humane treatment of these wild creatures so there’s no reason not to call in a professional when dealing with an animal problem.

Mosquito Joe

Mosquito Joe was founded in 2010 and has since taken the United States by storm. Based out of Virginia Beach, with over 300 locations spanning 38 states, they are now one of the leading mosquito control providers nationwide! They use only safe yet highly effective methods such as barrier sprays, misting systems and special event sprays to eliminate pesky mosquitoes from homes or commercial properties. Plus - you can even sign up for protection plans like their Barrier Spray program for long-term property coverage against those annoying little biters.


Established in 1923, Ecolab is a global leader providing cutting-edge water, hygiene and energy solutions that help customers all over the world create healthier environments. With their headquarters based out of St. Paul USA, they have expanded to 170 countries with 50 000 employees serving businesses in the food service industry, healthcare sector as well as hospitality industries while also offering specialty services such as pest elimination and energy management solutions helping clients become more efficient by reducing water and energy consumption resulting cleaner and safer surroundings for everyone!


Rollins Inc. offers comprehensive pest control solutions to rid homes and businesses of unwelcome critters, like ants, bed bugs and cockroaches as well as rodents or termites. Utilizing cutting edge techniques from chemical treatments to traps– their experienced team can quickly eliminate existing infestations while helping you prevent future ones with foolproof protection plans such Orkin Pest Control plan for your property's peace of mind. With the help of these professionals, both people and pets are safe around turbulent pests – all without damaging the environment!

Pest Control Technician Web Designs - ROI Focused

Building a successful pest control website requires much more than just a great design, it requires a strategy that is laser focused on achieving outcomes. This list of pest control companies are focused on identifying the primary ways their visitors will be using the site- giving them a competitive edge.

Websites for Pest Control Technicians - Setting the Bar

Great websites for pest control technicians have many components that go into building a highly-effective company website. The pest control technician websites here have been vetted to use best practices and are known to set the bar in many of those areas.

Websites built for speed

Make sure your pest control website performs well on desktop and mobile to increase conversion rates. Use various techniques, such as compression or caching for fast page speeds so you can keep customers happy with their purchase!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When SEO is done correctly, your site will get a major boost in rankings. Follow these SEO tips for pest control technicians to get a good foundation. In addition, properly map out the pages of your website, organize how they flow together to create a smooth reading experience for visitors. Also make sure to add schema markup, search engines love markup!


We don't rely on 3rd party themes or heavy use of plugins to make our pest control technician website. Build them from scratch, ensuring they are lightweight, efficient and not heavily bogged down by the need of other resources to perform!

Secure and Protect

The safety of your information should be a top priority. Use firewalls, health monitors and SSL for the security of all data on your pest control technicians site so it can never be compromised in a breach or hack!


Having a professional pest control website is a must if you want a long lasting. Oh, and if you need more website examples, check out these websites in the pest control industry that rock too.

Need some software to help run your pest control business? Check out this list of the top software for pest control companies available.

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