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Contracting Websites that Rank too!

When we went looking for the top contracting websites, we looked at UX (User Experience), speed, mobile friendliness, other factors and most importantly, if the website ranked for search terms like: 'contracting [city]', 'contractors [city], 'contracting near me', 'home remodeling and renovation', 'plumbing and electrical work', 'roof repair and replacement', 'hvac installation and repair', 'landscaping and outdoor construction', 'painting and wallpapering', 'flooring installation and repair' and 'home addition and new construction'.

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87% of  customers will judge a contractor by their website.
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Why Do You Need a Great Contracting Website?

An amazing website can provide contracting businesses with the necessary boost to stand out from their competition and make the most of their success. According to Pew Research, 80% of those who have a website for their business reported that it helped them attract new customers, leading to increased growth. Below, we list our top websites in the contracting industry.

List of the best Contractor Websites (In order)


At Bechtel, we take pride in our ambition to create lasting positive legacies for communities everywhere. We build projects that contribute to job creation and economic growth, improve access to resources and opportunity, reduce emissions towards net-zero commitments, address pressing environmental issues with innovated solutions; all whilst prioritizing people's safety as well as protecting the planet - empowering us move closer toward a greener future. It is through this dedication which allows customers' goals become realizable realities together with successful partnerships at its foundation!


For over a century, Fluor Corporation has been dedicated to using their unparalleled expertise and experience to tackle the toughest challenges around the world. This commitment is reflected in their current rank of 259 on Fortune 500's list of top companies - an achievement that took 40,000 highly-skilled employees from across Irving, Texas and beyond working together. With these professionals at work for them every day striving for excellence in engineering, procurement and construction services; no problem is too big or complex for Fluor Corporation!


Kiewit is one of North America's top construction and engineering firms. Our projects have ranged from drilling tunnels through mountain ranges to transforming rivers into renewable power sources -- all with the same goal in mind: making each project we take on more meaningful for our clients. By pushing boundaries, tackling difficult tasks and taking an innovative approach no matter what size or market its intended for, Kiewit looks forward to continuing their remarkable work long into the future.


AECOM is an international leader in innovative technical and management solutions, serving a wide variety of industries such as transportation, facilities, environmental engineering, energy production and more. With 45 thousand employees across the globe creating dynamic projects that range from building natural environments to sustaining social ones, this Fortune 500 company has generated impressive revenue despite its short history - almost $8 billion over 12 months! Providing global reach with local knowledge at every turn; it's no surprise they're sought after by some 150 countries around the world.

STO Building Group

STO Building Group is a highly esteemed organization that has been globally recognized for their excellence in constructing innovative and aesthetically pleasing structures. As one of the largest building contractors in North America, Europe, and Ireland with over 2,200 employees working across 8 distinct firms they have made an impact on some major cities with projects like New York’s Urban Glass House and London's Havas Village. 3535 Market Street (Pennsylvania) surpasses expectations time-and-time again through its comprehensive site section analysis processes along with intricate reviews during design construction process which ultimately leads to aesthetic enhancements beyond measure!


The Tutor Perini Corporation has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a family business. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, they have risen up the ranks and established themselves as one of today's most celebrated industry leaders in civil, building and specialty construction projects. This success is rooted in their intelligence, intensity and integrity qualities that continue to drive them towards achieving unparalleled project results with every undertaking!


For over 135 years, Skanska Group has been paving the way for a better future. What started as a single concrete manufacturer in Sweden is now one of the world's largest development and construction companies with 2020 revenue totaling SEK 159 billion. Operating across Europe and North America, their 32,000+ teammates are dedicated to creating innovative solutions that promote healthy living beyond our lifetime - from smart homes to green offices and infrastructure developments. Through knowledge & foresight they strive together with customers to shape how people live work and connect today realizing dreams around which communities can thrive tomorrow!

Contractor Web Designs - ROI Focused

Building a successful contracting website requires much more than just a great design, it requires a strategy that is laser focused on achieving outcomes. This list of contracting companies are focused on identifying the primary ways their visitors will be using the site- giving them a competitive edge.

Websites for Contractors - Setting the Bar

Great websites for contractors have many components that go into building a highly-effective company website. The contractor websites here have been vetted to use best practices and are known to set the bar in many of those areas.

Websites built for speed

Make sure your contracting website performs well on desktop and mobile to increase conversion rates. Use various techniques, such as compression or caching for fast page speeds so you can keep customers happy with their purchase!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When SEO is done correctly, your site will get a major boost in rankings. Follow these SEO tips for contractors to get a good foundation. In addition, properly map out the pages of your website, organize how they flow together to create a smooth reading experience for visitors. Also make sure to add schema markup, search engines love markup!


We don't rely on 3rd party themes or heavy use of plugins to make our contractor website. Build them from scratch, ensuring they are lightweight, efficient and not heavily bogged down by the need of other resources to perform!

Secure and Protect

The safety of your information should be a top priority. Use firewalls, health monitors and SSL for the security of all data on your contractors site so it can never be compromised in a breach or hack!


Having a professional contracting website is a must if you want a long lasting. Oh, and if you need more website examples, check out these websites in the contracting industry that rock too.

Need some software to help run your contracting business? Check out this list of the top software for contracting companies available.

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